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I was born in London in 1965. During the 80’s my family relocated to the new city of Milton Keynes. After getting married with children, I moved to Towcester, near the Silverstone Grand Prix Racetrack where I now work from my studio and workshops located next to my house.

I’ve always been fascinated by the samurai warriors of Japan. This interest has taken along a wonderful journey where through the martial arts I have been able to gain a valuable insight into the warrior’s mindset. Since the age of eight, I began studying the budo Japanese arts of Jiu-Jitsu, Jodo, Kendo, Iai-do and Ken-Jitsu. As a young man, I would train every evening and weekend without fail. Over the years I have been able to study under many renowned masters, some of which who have taken me under their wing as a personal student, to whom I am gratefully indebted.

I have won UK National and European championships in the sword arts and have been a member of the British squad for Iaido and Jiu-Jitsu. For me, I feel that the study of budo is very close to the art of restoration in terms of personal discipline and concentration. I also believe that there is honour in repairing armours that once were owned by warriors, and that it brings good karma कर्म.

I am also an avid collector of Japanese arms and armour and a member of The Samurai Arms And Armour Forum. My favourite armours are from the sengoku jidai, the age of war.  I prefer the basic robust armours used through the Muromachi and Momoyama period to the arty armours of the edo period. Function over flamboyance is my choice.

Working as a restorer I have been able to handle thousands of items of armour, from the high ranking daimyo grades to the lowly ashigaru foot soldiers.

Life is good, and I’m living the dream.

David Thatcher
Another fantastic day in katchuland. 2017

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Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Callers in person to the studio by appointment only.

Towcester, Northants, UK (Full address withheld for security purposes.)

Mobile: 07971-955214
Email: info@katchu.uk