Repairing Kabuto seems to be very much of my staple diet. This example reflects a zunari dating from the mid edo jidai.  These types of helmets are too often overlooked by collectors as they are plentiful and lack the edo period artery aesthetics. They are however one of the truest forms of a fighting helmet. 

I am fortunate enough to be able to work on some great pieces of art, but my heart is always leaning towards these types of helmet. I am truly grateful that the owner shares this passion and has invested in securing its preservation for many generations to come.

The work undertaken was to clean the helmet as it was caked in grime, replace the odoshi (note we matched the original colour, which is rather bright). The real task with this was to replace the missing fukigashi ear that had been discarded.

The maedate that came with the Kabuto was broken, this was the only item that we decided to exercise some artist licence where the new owner requested its modification from red to gold.  

So the first step was to remove the old rotted odoshi and separate the shikoro from the hachi. Most of the original odoshi had broken and in places, it was being held together with copper wire. The missing fukigashi had clearly snapped off at some time in the past. The edge of the shikoro had just enough spare metal for me to attach the replacement. The challange was how to match the urushi to conceal the repair.

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