portfolio of restorations

Samurai Armour Repair and Restoration Projects

Over the years I have had the opportunity to restore many items of Japanese Samurai Armour. Work that I have undertaken for some clients and dealers cannot be shown here as I do not have their consent as they tend to be sold on with no information of what has been restored. For those that have agreed to share their items in public, I have been able to put together this brief showcase.

I have not listed everything as most items can become repetitive, my staple diet being mainly re-lacing and making small urushi repairs. My intention is always to keep this section of my website current but with the demand and pressure that I work under to complete projects I often neglect this page.

For those that would like an insight into my craft please feel free to join my Katchushi Koubou Group on Facebook where I upload photos and video’s weekly. Being social media based I am more than happy to interact with the group’s members and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.    

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