Complete Rebuild Project

Kon Tetsu Sabiji Nuri Kirisuke Ni-Mai Do Kebiki Odoshi

My client requested that I took an original armour that was badly damaged in order to build a customised Do [胴] which would have the Hojo clan insignia laced into the front section, he already had a helmet, mask and Ko-gusoku so the Do would finish an entire armour. This was somewhat of a task as I had never completely rebuilt a Do in Kirisuke [切竹小札], nor had ever laced anything like this before. The armour is a Ni-Mai-do [二枚胴] made up from to sections, the lames resemble scales called kozane [小札] which are in fact moulded to a solid base ita-mono [板物]. The task was monstrous yet very rewarding. My list of works on this project is very long so to summerise I had to repair all the kirisuke scales, make a hinge to join the sides together, produce the black and red odoshi lto [威毛] silk lacing, lace the armour and finally make the collar from small Kiko [亀甲金] plates that are sandwiched between layers of material and finally make a set of Gyoyo [杏葉] pendants. I actually restored the entire armour but did not take any detailed photographs. The images of the completed suit are supplied by my client.

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Complete re-build of a Samurai Armour Ni-Mai Do