The Restoration of an Ii (ee) Clan Gusoku from the Momoyama Period

This type of Kabuto is called a Tokin-Nari. It is classed as a Kawari or abstract style due to its resemblance to the small hats worn by Yamabushi Warrior Monks. The helmet belongs to The Samurai Art Museum in Berlin, the owner asked if I could repair the broken top and replace the silk odoshi braid. As you can see from the photographs the condition of the helmet was poor, there were many cracks throughout its surface.

This commission would present a host of problems as the restoration had to be sympathetic in order to maintain its old and weathered appearance. Personally, I would have preferred to have completely stripped the hachi and shikoro and got them into new urushi, but I had to remain within the confines of the commission.

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Tokin Nari Kawari Kabuto