This restoration was for a Kaga Kabuto that I had purchased in Japan and later sold. The Maedate was originally in a small shrine box, both figure and box were damaged so I decided to re-purpose it into a Fudo Myoo crest, it came out so nice I actually regret selling it now. Now, this Kabuto was a rusty wreck before I decided to restore it. Due to its condition, I took a little artistic licence and decided to change the effect on the Shikoro to tataki-nuri. The Mabezashi and Fukigashi have a combed effect made from Sabi-urushi which is covered in Kinpaku gold leaf. I made a replacement Ukebari helmet liner and Shinobi-no-O helmet cord. Finally, I matched a hanpo face mask to the helmet to create a matched set. This Kabuto left my workshop looking nearly brand new, it was rewarding to get a feel for what the condition would have been like when the original samurai owned it.

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Kaga Kabuto