This is a fabulous momonari kabuto. The helmet bowl was made from rawhide which over the years had expanded due to absorbing moisture. This caused the outer layers of lacquer to break apart. In order to restore this, I had to dry the hachi for one year inside special drying box called a muro.

After removing all the delaminated sections I carefully patched the gaps with a lacquer based filler called kokuso. Once dried I evened out the surface with multiple coats of a clay filler called sabi urushi.

The original surface was coated with a lacquered effect that simulates russet iron. I replicated this with urushi and created an aged patina.

To finish the project I did the following.
– Cleaned the Urushi of the Shikoro
– Fitted a ukebare liner
– Replaced the silk odoshi ito braid
– Replaced the Shinobi-no-O helmet cord

A restoration of a badly damaged Momonari (Peach Shaped) Kabuto made from Nerigawa rawhide.

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