Talks and Meetings

It was my pleasure to have been able to participate in a number of events this year, from organising, showcasing and presenting at katchu related events. Interacting with such great people from within our community, forming friendships, making contacts, sharing knowledge with people who love this subject as much as I do is an amazing reward.

A WINDOW INTO THE ARTISANS OF JAPAN Scotish Token Society – Glasgow 

A talk about how to spot fake katchu listed on online auctions
The event was hosted by the Scotish To-ken Society but was the first ever event where all four UK Tokens came together. In attendance were members and chairmen from the Scotish To-ken, Northern To-ken, Irish to-ken and the To-ken society of Great Britain. I was very humbled to deliver a talk about how to spot Japanese Armour fakes to the members. Also in attendance was Mr Daisuke Matsunaga, The Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh. The event finished with a superb Arms & Armour Fair where the quality of items was outstanding including TOKUBETSU HOZON blades that were candidates for juyo.

The Samurai Arts Expo Holland

Shokunin Table. Examples of Saya urushi nuri, Katchushi and Tosogu
I shared a table with Saya-urushi-shi Mike Hickman Smith and Bob Morrison who was showcasing work by Ford Hallam. We were able to provide an insight into our craft and a big thank you goes to the organisers who made this possible. The best part of the Expo for me was being able to catch up with old friends and make new ones, also to put some faces to people of the groups I operate on Facebook, we have some really nice people within the community.

Token Society of Great Britain Telford Reginal Meeting

An example of a ballistic Zunari kabuto
I was asked to provide a talk about the design and manufacture of armour post-1545 where firearms were introduced into Japanese warfare where solid pates were introduced for ballistic protection. The talk was also hands-on as I took along a large number of kabuto and yoroi worn by lowly foot soldiers to daimyo lords.